We can find the people that can make a difference. Through a strict screening process that puts their skills to the test, they can start delivering results for your business, through fixed contracts or through secondments.

We deal with any immigration-specific requirements related to the salary, taxation or any other form of financial compensation. What might have been a headache or hassle prior to you cooperating with Monlinks, can now be considered as a negligible issue removed from concern.



Our relocation experts can help you with:


We find case-specific solutions for every expatriate and their family members, dealing with country-of-origin-specific visa requirements and with any potential application procedures.


We find the ideal property for your expat and their loved ones, in a location which will fit the needs of the family, dealing with all the contract formalities along the way.


We deal with the flights and all border formalities, as well as the transportation of personal belongings. We will make sure that the new members in your company’s family will get to their new home safely.

Signing in

We take care of every process related to public authority registrations, such as the issuing of a social security number or residence cards.

Settling in

We get in touch with the best educational institutions or activity facilities for your expat and their family members.

Medical support

We make sure that the expat and their family have all the medical support they need, in the event of a medical emergency, for all mundane healthcare needs as well as chronic medical conditions.

Moving back home

We sort out the visa and work permit cancellations and deal with any accommodation or membership contract terminations.